Client Testimonials

barrier free living, handicapped, mobility, knee surgery, hip surgery, eye surgery

Cathy Martin Warrender

“With knee surgery eminent, Betsy helped my home become barrier free.
We took time to select items which I no longer used and together posted on Facebook Buy and Sell.
We re-positioned furniture, rolled up area rugs so hardwood flooring was exposed and stored them away, in an effort to create a safe hazard free home when I returned from knee replacement.
I enjoy having
MyDaughter help me make my space feel like home. Betsy is thoughtful caring warm and friendly, her demeanor is genuine and inviting. “

"Name withheld"

"Betsy came daily to my home for a week to help me with a new feeding procedure. She was prompt, efficient and easy to talk to. Betsy helped me to relax during the process offering excellent company along with a cup of tea. 
Betsy was well informed having researched and found detailed comprehensive information that she shared with me and my family. This helped to reassure and set my mind at ease for now I  knew that this new life altering procedure could be mastered. 
My daughter was also grateful for the follow-up contact Betsy offered. This allowed my daughter to keep up on details and procedures as they developed."

Bronwen Jilesen

 "Betsy offered her help and support when my mother went into the hospital. She accompanied my mother, helped her relax and prepare for her out- patient surgery. Betsy has a very caring, positive and relaxing approach with seniors which helped to put my mother at ease. It freed me to deal with other details, since I knew that mom was being so well cared for. Once all was made ready, Betsy arrived with coffee in hand to keep me company while we waited for my mother’s discharge. 
Thank you Betsy for making hard decisions easier and thinking of the small things that make “Life’s trials” smoother. "