Our Services


Transportation Services


Providing customized transportation solutions to get you where you need to be


So many appointments...and it's important you get to them!

MyDaughter will be happy to take you, accompany you in and take notes and ask questions if needed us to with proper consent, or wait and bring you back home safe and sound. 

We'll ensure future appointments are made and stop and run an errand if needed while out.

Travel Drop-Off & Pick-up

MyDaughter will arrange to pick you up and take you to the train or bus station. Let us do the lifting, we'll look after your luggage so you don’t have to.  When you return, MyDaughter can be waiting for you to welcome you back. 

Traveling can make you weary, we want you to enjoy your trip!

Shopping & Errands

Don't feel like going out? 

MyDaughter can do the shopping with you or without you.

Give her a list or come along!

We'll ensure to check expiry dates for maximum storage and practice safe food rotation when putting your items away, first in, first out.

  • Also happy to shop for new clothes and pick out the perfect new jacket, suit or outfit to keep you in style.


Seasonal Decor

Missing seasonal decorating in your home and how your spirit lifted and heart danced?  Maybe it's as simple as installing soft exterior lights illuminating the dark winter sky? My Daughter can help make it happen, in your home, with you, together, to brighten your evening.


Fill Your Senses

Missing a family tradition? Maybe it's the smell of a favourite recipe cooking in your kitchen? Do you have a family recipe you and your kids love? My Daughter can help make it happen, in your home, with you, together.



Missing being able to slip into the LCBO so you can host a social gathering in your home?  MyDaughter is able to lending a helping hand and be your "wine fairy". Or butler. MyDaughter is willing to help you host an afternoon bridge club social or pre dinner cocktail hour in your home, with you, together. Serving your social circle in your home, with you.


Downsizing & Decluttering


You know you have too much stuff. 

You’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start or how to make sense of it all. 

MyDaughter uses a systematized downsizing process. 

Together we will sort, redistribute and eliminate unwanted items through a structured process which includes a combination of donating, selling, gifting and disposing of items. 

Why pay good money to move or dispose of things that you no longer need? 

MyDaughte helps to take the stress out of your 'mountain of stuff'

Move Management

MyDaughter will work with you to help manage all aspects of your move not limited to:

Sorting and downsizing goods

Managing the sale, donation, gifting and disposal of goods

Arranging shipment of goods to friends and family

Packing including the provision of all supplies

Scheduling and overseeing movers, cleaners, disposal services, other trades

Unpacking and setting items into place

Making your beds and setting up your new home

Packing, Unpacking & Settling In

More to moving than simply turning up with boxes. We ensure your things are  wrapped, protected and packed with our own packing supplies.

MyDaughter will help to carefully unwrap, put things away in a logical order and remove all packing debris. Your beds are all made, bathroom cabinets are organized and kitchen implements are all in logical places. Move in ready for our clients... all you have to do is take your coat off!

Finding a New Home for Old Things

MyDaughter partners with a digital social network to find the best locations for your extra goods. Together we create a digital inventory and library of your things, we will recommend and oversee a redistribution solution for a portion of your belongings which incorporates one or more of the services:

Traditional & or Online auction, Consignment, Donation, Gifting or Disposal.

At the end of the process you will have less stuff, more space and greater peace of mind & probably more $$

Price List

Clients will be invoiced in accordance with pricing structure above unless otherwise negotiated. Province of Ontario Business Licence # 281154633 GST/HST Registration# 725262 7517 RT0001

About Us

Who we are


After losing our father, Don in 2004, we became more involved in supporting our own mother's needs. Jane Joynt now resides in Independent living in a garden home at Canterbury Gardens.
We are often on-site visiting and helping Mom with various tasks prompting comments by several residents "Oh I wish I had a daughter"; which gave way to the business model and name.

Life Enrichment


Simply enjoy life and the great pleasures that come with it. Sharing and or creating special moments, together.

Your Safety


 Your confidence in our services and your safety are paramount to us.  We are registered with local Police Services Vulnerable Sector background check.  This check is restricted to applicants seeking employment and/or volunteering in a position of authority or trust relative to vulnerable persons in Canada. As well as under going certification in CPR and first aid.